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Information for Life Insurance

What is Mortgage Protection?
  • Helps pay off your mortgage when you die
  • You choose the beneficiary
  • Portable – follows YOU, not your mortgage
  • Coverage and Payment Amounts stay the same
  • The Split Plan
  • Covering ½ of the Balance with Full Coverage & the other ½ with Accidental Death Coverage
  • Mortgage Payment Protection
  • Can cover 6, 12, or 24 months or more of mortgage payments
  • Provides time and could earn more equity in the home
  • Disability
  • Unable to work – helps pay some of your mortgage payment
  • Return of Premium
  • Pays all your premiums back, tax free, if you are alive at the end of the term.
This is a photo of an Austin family that has life insruance.
Review the types of Life Insurance provided

  • Term Life Insurance:

    Insurance provides pure death protection since it only pays a death benefit if the insured dies during the policy term. Term life insurance does not accrue cash value.

  • Whole Life Insurance:

    Insurance that provides life insurance protection for the insured's entire life, or until age 100. Whole life insurance provides living benefits. Synonymous with permanent life insurance.

  • Variable Life Insurance:

    Policies that earn a fluctuating rate of interest and do not guarantee a certain cash value. Policies have fixed level premiums and a guaranteed minimum death benefit.

  • Variable Universal Life:

    Universal life insurance with a separate account. The variable portion of premiums is invested in the insurer's separate account.

  • Universal Life:

    Life insurance that allows the policyowner to buy term and invest the difference. Synonymous with unbundled life insurance and flexible premium adjustable life.

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